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A staff nurse is retiring after more than 50 years’ service

A staff nurse is retiring after more than 50 years’ service. It was way back in 1967 – when the ATM was invented and The Beatles released ‘Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ -  that Raj first started his nursing career.
After training, Raj started at the Royal infirmary in 1970. Later he moved to the Haywood Hospital and in 1972 he became a charge nurse at UHNM, continuing this role for many years before becoming a hospital manager. Raj continued to work for UHNM up until 2007 until he retired for the first time – but he soon returned to UHNM again!
Raj said: "During my time I have seen so many changes. Not only has the workload changed, the technology available has grown and expanded rapidly, allowing us to take care of our patients more effectively. When I started my nursing career I knew everyone who worked at the hospital, but now our services have expanded so much. I have enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know so many different staff members and patients.”
He added: “The welfare of our patients is the most important thing and this is something that I have seen grow and become better over time. When I started as a nurse there would only be three consultants in one area, now there could be more than 23. I really have really enjoyed my job. Even now after my retirement I am thinking about returning to UHNM as a volunteer. I would like to say thank you to all the staff that have made my time at UHNM so pleasant.”