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"Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is an exciting time for you and we want to do everything we can to make sure you have the best experience possible throughout your pregnancy and when you give birth to your baby.

These pages provide the full range of options for safe, high quality care right throughout from home birth to the most complex, specialised care and treatment for women and their babies available in Staffordshire. Your midwife can help you decide the best option for you based on your wishes and the nature of your pregnancy." 

Sharon Wallis, Head of Midwifery at UHNM


Our services include care for mum and baby through all stages of pregnancy. UHNM comprises Royal Stoke University Hospital (RSUH) and FMBU (Freestanding Midwifery Birth Unit) at County Hospital, Stafford. Maternity services are available over both sites.

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Our staffing establishments are compliant with national standards (Birthrate Plus (Ball & Washbrook), Guidance RCM Staffing Standard 2009, Safer Childbirth 2007).​

Women who give birth at University Hospitals of North Midlands are given the safest care in the country, according to an accreditation scheme. Staff at UHNM maternity centre celebrated after being given the highest rating of any large Maternity service nationwide. The rating shows that the level of care provided at the Maternity Centre in Stoke-on-Trent is one of the best in the country.

UHNM has become one of the first maternity units in the country to successfully achieve UNICEF accreditation against new standards which came into force in January 2016. The department first achieved 'baby-friendly' accreditation in 2002 and has successfully maintained the standards and practices necessary to continue to receive the accreditation since then. The new standards focus on helping mothers to build a close and loving relationship with their baby.

The following information provides you with a brief overview of services provided at UHNM. 

For more information about Royal Stoke, click here

For more information about County Hospital, click here

At your first appointment, the community midwife, who will likely be your named midwife, will explain to you your choice of birthplace. You will have the opportunity to consider four options which complies with Maternity Matters - Choice, access and continuity of care in a safe service (2007). This includes:

  • Home Birth
  • Freestanding Midwifery Birth Unit at County Hospital
  • Midwife Birth Centre at Royal Stoke
  • Obstetric Unit at Royal Stoke

The first appointment will normally take place at your GP surgery, children's centre, hospital and, on occasion, your home. Details of you and your family's health history will be discussed, a sample of your urine will be tested (please make sure you have a sample ready in a clean container), your blood pressure checked and your weight and height recorded. The midwife will explain to you all the routine tests offered during your pregnancy, including blood and ultra sound scans.

Your named midwife will be responsible for discussing and helping you to plan your ongoing care. They will endeavour to see you during your antenatal visits, however there may be times when they are unavailable. During these times we will make sure you are seen by an associate midwife. It is our aim to provide continuity of care to you through your named and associate midwife.

During your visits please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Should your circumstances require we can make arrangements for you to be referred to other specialists or agencies. At the end of each appointment please make sure you know how and when to book your next appointment.



Midwives and supporting staff wear different uniforms:

  • Matrons – purple dress, or purple tunics with black trousers
  • Ward managers – navy dress, or navy tunics with  navy trousers
  • Midwives – azure blue dress, or azure tunics with navy trousers
  • Student midwives – pale-blue striped top with navy trousers
  • Enrolled nurses – green top with navy trousers
  • Nursery nurses – white top with pink trim, or pink tunic with navy trousers
  • Clinical support workers – lilac top with white trim and navy trousers

As part of the Trust's new maternity I.T system, you will​​​ now be able to access your maternity notes online.

If you requested online access to your Maternity notes, your midwife will have activated this at your booking appointment.

​You will have received a username and password to the mobile number that you gave to the midwife at booking.

If you have any difficulties accessing your records please contact the community midwifery office on 01782 672181

Please follow these instructions to access your maternity notes:

Begin by accessing the internet and type in the following URL:

Please enter the username and  password you were sent. Please be aware that the code is only valid for 30 days.

This software is designeto run on the latest web browsers . If you are using an older browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or earlier , please be aware that some features may not function or appear correctly.


Each time you access your online maternity notes, a confirmation code will​​ be sent via text, to confirm your identity. It is important that you keep your midwife up-to-date with any changes to your mobile

Once the secur​ity code has been entered, your 'squiggle' will be displayed. If this is the picture you created then select 'yes', if not, then you will need to check the username and password being entered is correct or request new log in details from your midwife.

You will be prompted to create a new username and password. Your username should be memorable and you should ensure your password is secure, containing at least one upper case letter and one number. Once completed you will be able to access your maternity record.

If you require support, or have any issues or concerns, please contact your Community Midwife.

If you require a new Username and Password or need to inform us that you have changed your mobile number, you will need speak to a midwife that has access to K2 in person.

You will be able to print your record using the 'print' function in the top right hand corner. Depending on what internet browser you are you using, there may be a print logo in the top right hand corner or a drop-down menu 



Your information​

The electronic information collected about your pregnancy is relevant to the care of you and your baby and is held on a secure database at the Trust. Your online K2 record contains personal and sensitive clinical information and is provided on the basis of consent given at booking. Any confidential information will be managed in confidential mode by the staff caring for you and will not appear in the patient online view.

You will use a unique log in process to access your maternity notes online, this is sent as a text message to your mobile phone. You are advised to keep your password secure. We take the security of your information seriously and it is only used by staff for healthcare purposes. Access to your K2 record is logged for security purposes.

A document called 'The Care Record Guarantee" explains why we collect information about you, how we use this information, how you can access the information held about you and our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.

This document is available at

Some women choose to have their baby at home. It is a natural and safe choice and can be ideal for women who are expecting to have a healthy pregnancy, straightforward childbirth and a healthy baby. 

Your named midwife will be able to advise you if it is safe to have your baby at home and will arrange this for you. There are many advantages to having a home birth. You will not have to travel in labour and will not be separated from the rest of your family. You are likely to need less pain relief and infection after birth is less likely. Breastfeeding is often easier to establish. 

However, some pain relief methods (epidural) are not available at home and transfer to hospital during labour might be necessary if problems arise.​

What other services can I access?

Stop smoking services

Smoking in pregnancy can cause many problems including miscarriage, low birth weight, premature delivery, cot death, asthma and stunted intellectual and physical growth of your baby. Your named midwife can put you in touch with the Quit Smoking in Pregnancy service or you can contact the North Staffordshire Stop Smoking Service.

Mental health services

There is a dedicated midwife who leads an Parent Emotional Antenatal Clinic for Health. She can arrange support for any on-going or potential emotional problems during your pregnancy by referring you to a specialist service if necessary. The dedicated midwife can be contacted via your GP, health visitor or midwife or you can make your own appointment by telephoning 01782 672113.​

Vulnerable women services

There is a dedicated midwife for vulnerable women who is able to offer support and treatment if you need assistance with specific problems during your pregnancy. The dedicated midwife can be contacted via your GP, health visitor or midwife or you can make your own appointment by telephoning 01782 672181.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Important information about breastfeeding, formula feeding and infant feed​ing

Our Maternity and Neonatal unit are fully accredited as 'UNICEF Baby Friendly'. This means that we have reached and maintained best practice standards to support mothers with b​reastfeeding and those who choose to formula feed their baby.

There is an infant feeding team, who are able to give additional support and advice should you and your baby require this. All staff within the maternity unit and neonatal unit are trained to support mothers with feeding their baby.

The following information is really important . It tells you where you can get additional support when you leave hospital, how to tell breastfeeding is progressing well and how to express and store your breastmilk. There is also a link to the UNICEF Baby Friendly website where you can download a helpful leaflet on caring for your baby at night.

A 24-hr infant feeding support helpline for all mothers discharged from UHNM is available at the free-standing birth unit at County Hospital, tel: 01785 230059. 

You will be able to discuss feeding and receive face-to-face support at County Hospital.


For further inform​ation about reducing the risk of cot death, please go to:

Support groups

We encourage you to find your local support group, some of which are ran by Health professionals and others which are ran by parents. They are valuable sources of support in the early weeks and months. The information is updated on a monthly basis.

Add in current list.


Social support

We would encourage you to find out what groups are ran locally in your childrens centre.

Useful websites Information on feeding your baby and relationship building Baby sleep Information Source

www. Safer sleep for your baby.

Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership Trust  - for further information on local and South Staffordshire breastfeeding support​

UNICEF Baby Friendly initiative

NHS / PHE supportsite on Facebook


University Hospitals' maternity department has achieved a glowing report from patients.  In a survey carried out in the summer of 2010, patients were asked to rate how satisfied they felt with the amount and quality of information given to them at antenatal and postnatal stages, as well as during labour. The results showed that patients felt happy with the service at many levels.

100% of patients said they were satisfied with the information they were given with regards to epidurals, 97% of patients said they were satisfied with the information given on treatment and care and 95% said they were satisfied that they had been given enough information regarding mode of delivery. 93% of patients chose to make additional positive comments about either the overall service or staff.

102 questionnaires were completed and the results published in September 2010. ​The questionnaire was based on standards set by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in their Clinical Guideline 55: 'Intrapartum care: Care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth'.

The results show the percentage of women satisfied that they had been presented with the right amount of evidence based written information during their treatment pathway:

  • Treatment and care: 97%
  • Services provided by the maternity unit: 92%
  • Planning the place of birth: 92%
  • Labour: 94%
  • Mode of delivery: 95%
  • Women should be offered the choice of planning the birth at home, in the midwifery unit or on an obstetric unit: 95%
  • Women in established labour should receive one-to-one care throughout: 99%
  • Women should be offered the opportunity to labour in water for pain relief: 80%
  • Women who have an epidural should be informed before choosing it of the risks and benefits and the implications for their labour: 100%

Royal Stoke visiting times

9am - 9pm for partners and own children only

6pm - 9pm for other visitors

Only children of the mother in hospital are allowed to visit.  The number of visitors is restricted to three to a bed at any time (including the partner).

​The partner of a woman in labour may be eligible for an exemption car parking permit for the duration of their stay. These permits will be issued free of charge. Please ask a matron or senior nurse on the ward to check whether you are eligible.


County Hospital visiting times

Partners may be able to have an exemption from paying car parking fees. Please discuss this with the Matron or Sister in Charge.

Visiting on the Freestanding Midwifery Birth Unit (FMBU) is open-access for immediate family and close friends.

The FMBU is based on the second floor at County Hospital.

Infant feeding leaflets