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Dr Anthony Taylor - Trauma Team Leader

Dr Anthony Taylor is one of just eight Associate Specialists at University Hospital of North Midlands. He is also a Trauma Team Leader.

He initially joined University Hospitals of North Midlands for 11 weeks as a GP trainee in 1997.

He says: “On my second day I found myself in resus doing internal cardiac massage on an arrested patient, thinking ‘We're not in Kansas any more, Auntie Em’ and somehow I don't really seem to have left.

“I have so many memorable experiences working in the emergency department - far too many to list, and some not to be repeated! However, there was a patient who has always stuck with me. I was looking after a 94-year-old D-day veteran who'd fallen off a treadmill and he insisted on showing me he could still do a headstand, and then thanked me profusely on the way out, when clearly the gratitude gradient should have been flowing the other way. It's a privilege to look after people.”

Anthony has a special interest in medical education and is involved in the Trust appraisal and educational supervision and examining for the medical school. He describes education as the “magic bullet”.

An advocate for our patients, Anthony says the challenging part of his job is the sometimes lengthy and unnecessary bureaucratic processes required which can feel like it prevents delivering the care the patients need. The best bit about the job is the friends he has made saying his colleagues in the Emergency Department are like family.