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Dr Julie Norton

I grew up in a working class estate with my parents and my brother who had severe learning difficulties. Through this background I have experienced the social care and healthcare systems from the side of the service user and this has given me some insight into how my patients experience our services and how bewildering they can be if you are not familiar with how they work.

My parents taught me that anyone can achieve regardless of background if you work hard and apply yourself, and they gave me the opportunity to study medicine. I was lucky, as in those days we received a grant and fees were free, but still I believe the opportunities are there with the right support for everyone and I feel very privileged to do the work I do.

While it is sometimes challenging it is a privilege to support people through what is often the worst day of their lives. Being a trauma team leader and an A&E consultant is varied and often exciting but most of all it is like working with your own family every day, the team is so supportive and we really look after each other.

My interests are in compassionate leadership, positive workplace culture and staff wellbeing and my aim is to develop these skills in order to ensure our team is appropriately supported to do the amazing work they do.