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Mr Aijith George

I’m a consultant head and neck surgeon for both adults and kids at UHNM, as well as having a particular interest in endoscopic surgery and technology.

The head and neck is anatomically the most complex part of the body with vital functions and to be able to operate in this area is challenging but extremely fulfilling.

My whole work experience at University Hospital of North Midlands to date has been memorable, as I have spent a lot of my working life training in Stoke. To be able to provide a consultant level service and to give something back to the patients is really rewarding. 

In my spare time, I play badminton for my local team in Alsager, I also have an interest in playing music, building and more recently riding my bike. Additionally, I also have a medical innovations company, creating telemedical solutions for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

My favourite thing about my job is the people that I work alongside, my friends and my colleagues. They make my life at work a pleasure.  However, my job can be a really tough, high pressure environment and can be extremely challenging.

But, if you’re not uncomfortable you’re not learning!