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Estates, Facilities and PFI

The Estates, Facilities and PFI Division is responsible for the day-to-day running of Trust sites, with staff its four directorates taking care of everything from parking
to portering and pest control.

Facilities and PFI
Facilities teams take care of cleaning, portering, waste management, logistics and transport, car parking, residences, PFI contract management. The Trust processes around 3,000 items of mail a day and co-ordinates rental accommodation for doctors and patients’ relatives. There are 14 on-call rooms and five rooms for patients’ relatives.

Facilities also runs runs the Portering and Estates Helpdesk, administers ID badges with around 250 to 300 badges produced a month for new starters and staff who have changed roles, SMART bus pass and cycle schemes with other duties including car parking permits and letter printing function for all patient letters.

Estates operations involve grounds and gardens maintenance, utilities management, water hygiene and pest control as well as estate development and the Trust’s environmental sustainability plans. It also provides the security service.

PFI Contract Management
The Trust receives some of its Estates and Facilities Management services from external sources through a Private Finance Initiative contract. This includes cleaning and catering from Sodexo, network and communications from KComand some of our medical equipment and PACS from Siemens. The Trust manages these contracts to ensure service delivery is optimised for patients.


UHNM has dedicated Local Security Management Specialists and operational security teams who provide a 24/7, 365 days of the year. Security provide advice and support on security and criminal matters. The aim of security to prevent and deter crime and to hold offenders to account. Security affects us all.

Health and Safety

The Estates, Facilities and PFI Division places Health & Safety at the heart of its business. It forms part of the everyday process as well as an integral part of
the part of workplace behaviours and attitudes.


Sustainability and the implications on health are huge; a sustainable Trust will allow UHNM to provide better patient care and a healthier working environment for our employees. Transport and travel are crucial to our sustainable future. Congestion on and within the vicinity of our hospital sites results in noise and air pollution together with access difficulties for patients, visitors and employees.