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999: Critical Condition: Shrewsbury grandmother falls from her loft after retrieving her Christmas decorations

A Shrewsbury grandmother was rushed to Royal Stoke University Hospital by ambulance after falling from her loft after reaching for her Christmas decorations and badly breaking her ankle.

Jackie Jones, 59, will feature in this week’s episode of 999: Critical Condition on Wednesday on Channel 5 and is now available on demand at My 5. 

Today Jackie said: “I had got home from work and decided to get my Christmas moose and reindeers down from the loft for my grandchildren. The box got stuck as I was pulling it out of the hatch and before I knew it the ladders moved from under me and I fell to the ground.”

Jackie, who has three children and five grandchildren, was put under sedation once she arrived at Royal Stoke and the team manipulated her ankle back in its socket before casting her leg. The following morning Jackie was sent to surgery to align her bones back together.  

She said: “The pain was horrendous, I don’t remember a lot of it but I know I had a really bad break which needed emergency surgery. Luckily I was discharged on Christmas eve which was just amazing.”

Jackie has since undergone three operations since her accident and attended numerous physio appointments on her journey to recovery.

She added: “It’s been a long journey but I am doing better and remaining positive. I have been on a little holiday recently which was lovely.  

“I was treated like a queen by everyone at the hospital, it’s been fantastic. Everyone from A&E, ward 226 and ward 112 were incredible.”