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New surgery productivity programme reduces patient waiting times

Patients from University Hospitals of North Midlands are undergoing surgery quicker thanks to a new theatre transformation programme.

The programme which was introduced in March aims to improve theatre surgery productivity enabling more patients to have surgery and reduce the number of people waiting for their surgery.

The first focused performance week highlighted patients were not being sent for early enough from hospital wards for their surgery resulting in delays.  To improve on this teams have introduced a new process which means patients are called for at an earlier time. Patients are now called to theatre at 8.15am with the target to start needle to skin by 8.45am.

Since the programme started theatres at Royal Stoke and County Hospitals have seen a 20% increase in the number of lists starting on time, creating up to 20 hours of additional operating time per week.

On 24 April, the team began a second focused performance week looking specifically at productivity and reducing delays.  

Phil Windsor, Head of Operations, Surgical Division, said: “At a time when there has never been greater need or desire to reduce waiting lists it’s hugely frustrating for patients and staff to experience delays. We know the reasons are multiple, longstanding and frequent but what we didn’t know is which of the issues to tackle first. That’s what supported performance weeks are about, go – look – learn and target our energy on tackling the issues in the correct order.”

“We are hopeful over the next few months we will be increasing the amount of surgeries that are started on time, which is ultimately better for the Trust and patients.”