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Nurses complete Chief Nurse Fellowship at Simulation Event

The Simulation Suite at County Hospital’s Post Graduate Medical Centre was the setting for UHNM’s Chief Nurse Fellowship Simulation Event.

The event was the conclusion of a nine-month programme giving early career nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs) training on key themes to help develop their professional understanding.

Those in attendance demonstrated what they had learnt throughout the fellowship through a range of practical activities including escape rooms and a blockbuster-themed quiz.

Hosted by CeNREE (Centre for NMAHP Research and Education Excellence), staff successfully enrolled onto the fellowship are expected to work through their own research-based quality improvement project.

Corrin Dorsett, programme lead for the Chief Nurse Fellowship said: “The Chief Nurse Fellowship is open to early career nurses, midwives and AHPs from across UHNM and provides a professional development opportunity through bespoke training, mentoring, and coaching on key themes and professional practice.

“Today’s event consolidates the learning gained throughout the year from areas across UHNM and looks at areas such as teamwork and leadership skills. It’s fantastic to see first-hand our fellows applying what they’ve learnt into practice whilst also having fun.”

One of those accepted on the fellowship was Phil Lynch, a staff nurse on the Children’s Intensive Care Unit at Staffordshire Children’s Hospital at Royal Stoke.

Phil said: “During the fellowship I’ve learnt about multiple areas including NHS research, corporate governance, and the future of UHNM. This is all information and insight that in my role alone you wouldn’t normally have experience of. I’ve also received coaching on personal development within the team and leadership qualities.

“It’s been an interesting experience and something I’m grateful for. I’ve enjoyed it for my own development but also meeting the other fellows, people I wouldn’t of normally met in my career.

“Today was really fun and challenging whilst working together as a team. It’s also been nice using the facilities here in the simulation suite as I never used them before.”

Phil Barnes a staff nurse on the Renal Unit at Royal Stoke was also in attendance. He said: “I’ve really enjoyed doing the escape room, utilising the simulation suite here at County Hospital and also the mock interviews and team working. I feel we’ve all had a laugh along the way. I would absolutely recommend the Chief Nurse Fellowship to anybody interested, its helped boost my prospects and learn about how UHNM operates.”

The second intake of Chief Nurse fellowships will be expanding and 2024, with CeNREE inviting applications from all non-medical professions. Staff are encouraged to keep an eye out for applications opening in February 2024.