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UHNM Immunology and Allergy service receives double national accreditation

The Immunology and Allergy service at University Hospitals of North Midlands has received two prestigious national accreditations following inspections into the services.

The Royal College of Physicians awarded the service the Improving Quality Allergy Services (IQAS) and the Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services (QPIDS) accreditations.

Accreditation is awarded to services which have demonstrated they meet best practice quality standards covering all aspects of an allergy service, including service user experience, clinical care and the workforce.

The report highlighted the adult allergy and immunology website is concise, easy to navigate and understand and up to date with details of how the service functions in a post pandemic world. The team were also congratulated on the excellent patient and staff feedback.

Sarah Goddard, UHNM Consultant Clinical Immunologist, said: “The Immunology and Allergy team are delighted to have passed the recent visits from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) accreditation team with flying colours.  The RCP teams noted areas of excellence: The Immunology service was praised for the programme of annual management reviews, patients’ engagement and the way in which these were used to make changes to the service.  The Allergy service was also praised for the website and the key role of senior specialist nurses and pharmacist.  In fact no additional actions were required by either team to achieve accreditation. It is a fantastic achievement for the service.”