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UHNM nurse invited to present at international conference

A UHNM nurse has been invited to speak at an international conference. 

Cosmina Schiteanu, an Endocrine Nurse Specialist, was invited to give a platform presentation on precision support for patients with craniopharyngioma at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Stockholm earlier this month. 

Cosmina, who’s been in her role for two years at UHNM said: “I was invited to share my experience treating patients with craniopharyngioma from the endocrine nurse specialist point of view. Craniopharyngioma, a noncancerous brain tumour, are very rare especially in adults, and the care of this patient is usually difficult. 

“My 30-minute presentation was in front of nursing colleagues from the UK and across Europe. At the time I felt very nervous about presenting in front of so many people, but I received some very positive feedback, and I took it as an opportunity to network with other endocrine nurses in the wider community.

“It was the best thing that happen to me. The experience was unique, and it open my mind to greater things for our patients and services. This wouldn't have been possible without the support and encouragement of my partner and UHNM team, for which I am forever grateful.” 

Cosmina has also been invited to serve on the editorial board for the Endocrinologist Magazine by The British Endocrine Society. 

Dr Sushuma Kalidindi, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at UHNM added: “We’re delighted that Cosmina was invited to present at the congress. She leads by example, and was instrumental in facilitating the implementation of a number of initiatives at UHNM including a nurse-led clinic for managing patients with hypercalcemia relating to endocrinology, conducting staff training on pituitary conditions, and developing a pituitary surgery leaflet for patients scheduled for surgery.”