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UHNM Pressures and Junior Doctor Industrial Action

Due to the extremely high demand for all our services, the pressures we are currently experiencing are likely to continue during the week and the junior doctor strike, we are taking additional steps to maintain safe services for our patients. 

Unfortunately, this does mean postponing some non-urgent operations to accommodate those patients with the most urgent clinical need. Cancer and our other most urgent operations and appointments will continue to be prioritised and those patients whose appointments are being postponed will be contacted directly by our teams.  Any patient’s operation which has had to be postponed will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

If you are not contacted directly, please continue to turn up for your appointment. Please also contact the number on your appointment letter if you are no longer able to make your appointment so it can be reallocated to another patient. 

We appreciate that it is disappointing for those patients whose appointments need to be postponed and we are committed to keeping any cancellations to an absolute minimum. Patient safety remains priority and we need to take action to make sure that those patients who are clinically urgent get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Our teams continue to work exceptionally hard; and we would like to reassure our patients and the public that in spite of the challenges faced and some changes to non-urgent appointments, essential services remain fully open for anyone who needs them so if you require urgent medical help, please continue to come forward.

The public can help us manage these periods of demand by ensuring they are seeking help from the most appropriate health services and only attending A&E for serious accidents and emergencies. If you are unwell, visit NHS 111 online for 24/7 advice about the most appropriate care for your need.