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Rapid Evidence Review Team

Do you have a burning clinical question in your clinical area? Are you asking: ‘what is the best way to approach this?’; ‘are we providing the best care in this situation?’; ‘is this the best dressing to use?’; ‘are our patients happy with this way of doing things?’

In a clinical area, sometimes it is difficult to stop and think about the best way to provide care, or it is hard to find time to look at the evidence.

CeNREE provides the opportunity for any clinical area to raise clinically important questions to the rapid evidence review team. This team will conduct a rapid review of the evidence and provide their findings back to the clinical area. The review team will always involve one member from the clinical area.

It may be that there is little evidence available to answer the question that has been raised. If this happens, CeNREE will convene a team with the relevant expertise to explore options for designing and implementing a research study at UHNM to look at this clinically important question. Any member of staff in the clinical area who have raised the question can get involved in the research.

CeNREE will support you to publish and present at conference any rapid evidence reviews and/or research studies that take place in your clinical area.

Please contact for further information.