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Day Surgery and Admissions Unit

Our day surgery and admissions unit is rated as one of the top performing day units in the country and has received scores of over 90% for patient satisfaction in previous years. The unit was one of the first to perform a laparoscopic nephrectomy as a day case procedure and we also perform other advanced urological and breast surgery as day cases.

Our specialties include general surgery, vascular surgery, urology, gynaecology, ENT, maxillofacial and plastic surgery. A small number of patients come in for diagnostic procedures carried out in the X-ray department, for example liver and lung biopsies. 

We also act as the admissions area for a number of patients who are undergoing more major surgery which will require an inpatient stay. These patients are transferred to an appropriate inpatient ward immediately following their surgery.

The entire unit has been refurbished and is bright, spacious and welcoming. The reception and waiting area, consulting rooms, clinical stores, sluice, 'quiet room', bays, bathrooms and separate ophthalmology suite have all been greatly improved and make effective use of lighting and colour. 

The unit is at the foref​ront of many new and innovative day case procedures including:

  • ​Laparosc​​​​opic nephrectomy (kidney removal) - ​​We were the first unit in the UK to undertake this procedure routinely as a day case.
  • Green Lig​​​​​​ht Laser Prostataectomy (removal of the prostate gland)
  • Laparo​scopic pyelopl​​asty (Repair of narrowed and damaged ureters) 
  • Laparoscopic ​​Adrenalectomy (Removal of adrenal gland) 
  • ​​Laparos​copic nissen fundoplication (anti reflux surgery) - ​​​One of a limited number of centres offering this procedure as a day case.
  • ​​Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (Gall bladder removal) 

We also routinely undertake large numbers of other types of day case surgery and diagnostic treatments from across a wide range of surgical specialties. Members of staff from the unit have also presented and published papers on their work to both national and international audiences.

Please do not bring large amounts of cash or any jewellery with you to hospital. You will not be allowed to wear any jewellery or piercings when you go to theatre, with the exception of a wedding ring. It is therefore far safer that you leave such items at home. 

It is important that you take all your regular medication as normal on the day of your surgery, the exception being any medication or treatment for diabetes. It is important that you bring all your normal medication to hospital with you. You should have been advised by your doctor or the pre-assessment team which of your normal medication you should or should not take. If you are unsure please contact the ward for advice. 

You do not need to telephone the ward on the morning of your admission to check if a bed is available. 

If you have any queries about your admission date or wish to confirm or change your appointment, please contact your consultant's secretary or the booked admissions team rather than the ward.

Royal Stoke University Hospital​​

​Our normal opening hours are Monday- Friday 7am - 10pm. 

We are located in the Lyme Building.

For male patients telephone 01782 67​2960

For female patients telephone ​​01782 672950

​County Hos​pital

Ward Location: Second Floor

Opening times: Monday – Friday 7am - 8.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Contact Information: 01785 257731 ex​t 4095/3888

Relatives and loved ones are encouraged to go home once the patient is booked into the unit.