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KeepBritainSmiling campaign


It’s fabulous that you want to be part of the KeepBritainSmiling campaign. You may have seen on Instagram that several other hospitals have joined already. The key message is to promote oral health and orthodontics in your local area, but with a link to a national campaign supported by The British Orthodontic Society. What started as a small local project to engage teenagers and young people is on the way to becoming a national movement, with real potential to encourage the next generation to have a smile to be proud of!

Before you do anything we advise you talk to your hospital Communications team. They need to support you joining the campaign and will help guide you through local social media policies and procedures. You can direct them to look at KeepStokeSmiling (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) or KeepDerbySmiling (Instagram) to see the idea and content.

KeepStokeSmiling has been live since January 2018 and we’ve posted more than 300 oral health messages, departmental stories and orthodontic videos. The resource proved an invaluable way of communicating ever changing information with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on how to set up your account, what type of posts are successful and for some images we have provided. Please see the toolkit below

Any further information or help you need, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail or message through social media

Good luck!

Karen Juggins and The KeepStokeSmiling Team

The Keep Stoke Smiling team are campaigning to encourage all schools in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire ‘go sugar-free’

We know it’s a big ask but we think it would be fabulous if our local schools could ‘beat the capital’ and it would be a massive achievement for our local area.  There are two stages to our campaign.

The first stage is the ‘Fizz-free’ pledge which means your school agrees that there are no fizzy/carbonated drinks to be sold or consumed in school grounds. No fizzy drinks sold in the canteen, vending machines and none allowed in packed lunches. When your school sign up for this – you’ll get a certificate from the team and we’ll publish your achievement on social media.

The second stage is to go completely ‘sugar-free’, which means eliminating high sugar content juice drinks, milkshakes and flavoured waters. It’s a big change we know, but it’s really important if we want to save both the dental health, and the general health of our local teenagers. We think our campaign will highlight to young people the serious risk fizzy/sugary drinks pose on their oral health and maybe, just maybe, save some teeth.

How do we get involved?

Once your Head Teacher or Principal has agreed that your school is officially ‘Fizz-Free’, get your school secretary to e-mail our KeepStokeSmiling team: and we’ll get a certificate sent out to you ASAP.

Post a photo on social media to tell everyone about your achievement. Ideally, we’d like to see students from your school, the Head Teacher and our certificate on this photo. We’ll re-post that on our social media pages too!

Template letter to parents - Commitment to fizz free