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Royal Stoke​ University Hospital​
G​​P Patients
The Royal Stoke University Hospital does not have a facility for routine blood tests for GP patients within the Hospital complex.  This can be done at a range of convenient locations within the community (see below under Community Services).  

Children​'s Blood Tests North Staffordshire Region
Childrens phlebotomy services are provided by the paediatric clinic at the Royal Stoke site. Appointments are arranged via the GP or hospital clinician.

This service is mainly for children below the age of 10.

Hospital Pati​​ents
There is a small phlebotomy suite in the main hospital situated within Medical Outpatients specifically for patients requiring blood tests when they attend for clinic appointments.  This service is for hospital blood test requests only.  It is not available for patients given a blood test request card by their GP unless by prior arrangement.

Hospital patients can also access the community service detailed below if it is more convenient for them to do so.

County H​​​ospital
There is a small phlebotomy suite within the outpatients department. 

This is an appointment only service predominantely for patients with a hospital request card

There is no walk in facility, with the exception of those patients who have been seen by a clinician in the hospital on that day. 


Children​'s Blood Tests Mid Staffordshire Region
Children under 10-years-old are not seen in our department and are normally referred to the specialised facilities available in the Children's Ward or community Children's Services by the requesting clinician.