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About This Test

Department: Biochemistry


  • Gel/clotted (yellow/red top)

Add-on requests are accepted


Turnaround Time:

Up to 24 hours


Monitoring digoxin therapy in patients commencing digoxin, dose changes or investigation of toxicity/non-adherence.

Please send samples at least 6 hours post-dose, unless toxicity is suspected.

In cases of suspected overdose, immediate measurement is advised

Measure urea and electrolytes at the same time - hypokalaemia can exacerbate toxicity, even if digoxin concentration is within the therapeutic range.

Please note: Digibind and other digoxin antidotes cross-react with the digoxin assay, resulting in apparently elevated concentrations. If toxicity is suspected, sampling prior to treatment is advised.

Reference ranges:

Age range Target range (ug/L)
All ages/sexes 0.5 - 2.0

Results outside the reference range do not necessarily indicate disease. Similarly, results within the reference range do not preclude abnormality. Please contact the Duty Biochemist for discussion of individual patient results.

Other Comments:

For more information, please see the following: Digoxin - Lab Tests Online