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Hypoglycaemia screen

About This Test

Department: Biochemistry


  • 2 x clotted (red top)
  • 2 x lithium heparin (green top) (1 on ice)
  • 1 x fluoride oxalate (grey top)
  • Spot urine (universal container)

Ideally first urine passed since admission - at least 5 mL


Turnaround Time:

See individual test pages


The following procedure is appropriate for investigation of hypoglycaemia in paediatric patients.

The following tests should be requested:

  • laboratory glucose confirmation, lactate and free fatty acids/3-hydroxybutyrate
  • urea and electrolytes, liver function tests, amino acids, acylcarnitines and ammonia
  • insulin, C-Peptide, growth hormone and cortisol
  • organic acids

Samples must be taken before commencing treatment.

Samples should arrive at the laboratory within 30 minutes of venesection.

If sample volumes are limited, glucose, insulin and C-peptide analysis will be prioritised. If a specific condition is suspected, please state this in clinical details, and these tests will be prioritised. Clinical details and initial results will determine what second line analysis is undertaken.

Please contact the Duty Biochemist to discuss if there are any queries.

Other Comments:


These requirements have been created in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and this Trust’s paediatric guidelines. Ensure that you refer to this Trust’s Paediatric guidelines for the management of patients with these presentations.