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About This Test

Department: Biochemistry


See instructions in box


Turnaround Time:

Variable, depending on test

Always refer to this Trusts Paediatric Guidelines and instructions in the SUDI/C Box for information regarding the handling of these cases and specimens.

SUDI/C investigations should be carried out on all children less than 18 years of age who die suddenly and whose death is unexplained. This covers the investigation for:

  • Inherited metabolic disorders
  • Police purposes in children who die
    • At home
    • En route/shortly after arrival at hospital
    • In hospital (Coroner’s cases)

In order to facilitate prompt and safe collection of SUDI/C samples, SUDI/C Orange Boxes have been prepared.  The SUDI/C Orange Box contains specimen bottles, equipment and guidance for collecting samples for investigations (Procedures in Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infants & Children, February 2015). 

Boxes are available in:

  • Resuscitation bay, Children’s ED RSUH (2 boxes)
  • Family room, Children’s ED RSUH
  • Resuscitation kit, PICU, RSUH
  • Paediatric ED, County Hospital

Obtain all samples where possible, and complete/photocopy all documentation enclosed within the boxes, before sealing the Orange Box.  Please detail any samples not achieved, as well as any extra samples sent to the laboratory.  Please also supply a contact number for the responsible clinician in case of any queries.  The Orange Box should be transported to the laboratory via the porters.

  • Always ensure that all samples and request forms are fully labelled.    
  • Please contact the laboratory to inform them that the samples are being sent.


Other Comments:

If you have any queries regarding SUDI/C procedures, please contact Ceri Parfitt via the Duty Biochemist.