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About This Test

Department: Microbiology, Virology and Molecular Microbiology


Tissue / biopsy - plain sterile leakproof container

Do not send samples in formalin


Turnaround Time:

Routine pathogens 48 hours

Anaerobic organisms 1-5 days

10-14 days if Actinomyces suspected

Gram stain and Culture for common pathogens

Other Comments:

Collection container: Sterile container

Special instructions:

Surgical samples from chronic osteomyelitis - collection of multiple (4-5) intra-operative samples with separate instruments (usually sterile forceps and scalpel) is important.

Swabs are not recommended.

Minimum specimen size will depend on the number of investigations requested.

Numbers and frequency of specimens collected are dependent on clinical condition of patient.

Duplicate samples should be taken for histology if clinically relevant.

NB for all microbiology requests, relevant clinical data and details if recent or current antimicrobial treatment should be provided

Specimen transport: Transport to laboratory as soon as possible.