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Dr Angela Hancock, Consultant Midwife and CeNREE Clinical Academic Support

Angela currently works as a Consultant Midwife and holds honorary lectureships at the Universities of Keele and Manchester.  During a midwifery career spanning almost 30 years, Angela has strived to provide and promote evidence-based care, leading several service improvement projects in clinical practice to achieve this.  During one such project, Angela identified a clinical issue around delayed and missed diagnosis of postpartum haemorrhage. 

After securing funding from the National Institute for Health Research, Angela went on to explore this issue, and develop her research knowledge and skills, through a Master of Research degree and PhD.  The research led to a clearer understanding of clinical decision-making during blood loss and made recommendations for how to address the issues.  The findings have been translated back into clinical practice through publications, presentations and the co-creation of the Maternity Simulation Game, which provides a novel, board-game approach to facilitating human factors and non-technical skills training for maternity staff. 

As an experienced clinician, researcher and educator, Angela is ideally placed to support other health professionals embarking on their own clinical academic careers and in developing their own clinically focused research questions that will inform evidence-based care of the future.