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Trauma and orthopaedics


The Trauma Directorate provides routine and specialised elective orthopaedic surgery, which includes outpatient clinics, pre-operative assessment, surgery and follow-up care for patients in the Staffordshire county and surrounding areas.

University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) is a Major Trauma Centre, providing emergency and routine management for trauma patients within the West Midlands area and North Wales.

The trauma and orthopaedic service has close links with the emergency department, spinal service, neurosurgery, paediatric care, acute rehabilitation, the Midlands Spinal Injury Centre at Oswestry and musculo-skeletal interface services.

We provide specialised care at the Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke on Trent, County Hospital in Stafford and within a community setting at Haywood Hospital in Burslem.

Royal Stoke University Hospital

Elective orthopaedic outpatient clinics are held in the Orthopaedic Outpatients department within Main Building, next to the pre-assessment service​.

General fracture clinic, trauma hand clinics and paediatric fracture clinics are held in the main fracture clinic department in Main Building.

The elective, trauma and fractured hip wards are based in Main Building. You can find more detail in the Our Wards section below.


County Hospital

Elective orthopaedic outpatient clinics are held in the afternoon in the main outpatients department.

General fracture clinics are held in the morning in the main outpatients department.

The elective orthopaedic unit is based on the 1st floor. You can find more detail in the Our Wards section below.


We provide elective surgery in the following specialities:

Hip and knee joint surgery

This inclides simple and complex surgery to the hip and knee joint, for example joint replacements, keyhole surgery, ligament repair and reconstruction.

Hip and knee joint patients are managed via the enhanced recovery pathway. This invovles pre-op assessment, patient education, health preparation, prescription management and early rehabilitation.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr Patel, Mr Youssef, Mr Griffiths, Mr Dos Remedios, Mr Lim, Mr Qureshi, Mr Halabi, Mr Roberts, Mr Shaylor,  Mr Malek, and Mr Wade.

Foot and ankle surgery

Simple and complex surgery to the ankle, foot and toes, for example ankle replacements, keyhole surgery, bone correction, specialised injections, toe deformities and ligament alignment. We have close links to external podiatrists and orthotic practitioners.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr Ali, Mr McBride, Mr Rees and Mr Mountain.

Shoulder surgery

This involves simple and complex surgery to the shoulder, collar bone and upper arm, for example shoulder replacements, keyhole surgery, bone correction, specialised injections, bone deformities and tendon repair.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr McClelland, Mr Mehta and Mr Kathuria.

Hand surgery

This includes simple and complex surgery to the forearm, wrist, hand, thumb and fingers, for example, wrist replacements, keyhole surgery, bone correction and removal, specialised injections, bone fixation and tendon repair. We work closely with the specialised hand occupational therapy team.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr Smith, Mr Thomas, Mr Neal and Mr Bhoora.

Spinal surgery

This involves simple and complex surgery to the upper, middle and lower part of the spine, including disc replacements, disc removal, bone correction, specialised injections and correction of spinal deformities for both adults and children. Some spinal surgeons also form part of the Neurosurgery team.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr Ahmed, Mr Starantzis, Mr Brown, Mr Rouholamin, Mr Konduru, Mr Jasani,  Mr Tzerakis and Mjr Harrison.

Paediatric surgery

Simple and complex surgery to all ages of children  – for example, key hole surgery, bone correction, specialised injections, bone deformities, tendon repair and management of babies with hip problems. Our inpatient surgery is based on ward 217 and we link closely with our specialised nurses and Staffordshire Children's Hospital.

The consultant team that manages this service is: Mr Dwyer, Mr Emery, Ms Shears and Ms Belen Carsi.​

Trauma service

The trauma consultant team led by Mr Iain McFadyen manages all types of bone and joint trauma in the outpatient (fracture) clinics, in the Emergency department and on our trauma wards. We are the regional centre for spinal trauma, pelvic trauma and have a nationally recognised lower limb reconstruction service.

General trauma is managed on ward 226 and a specialised ward (225) to care for all our fracture hip patients and provide acute rehabilitation for trauma patients on ward 227 (ARTU)

Royal Stoke

Our General Trauma ward is based on ward 226 – telephone 01782 676226

Our dedicated team of nurses, doctors, therapists and nurse practitioners, led by ward manager Katie Shaw, care for all our general trauma patients ranging from simple finger trauma to severely injured patients with multiple fractures or spinal injuries.

Our Fracture Neck of Femur ward is based on ward 225 – telephone 01782 676225

Led by ward manager Mel Mountford, this ward is run by a dedicated team consisting of a specialised hip surgeon, Ortho-geriatrician, Advance Nurse Practitioners, specialised therapists and staff trained in managing elderly and dementia patients.

Our Acute Rehabilitation and Trauma Unit (ARTU) is based on ward 227 – telephone 01782 676227​

This new unit, led by ward manager Becky Marsh, provides specialised acute rehabilitation care to patients with multiple trauma affecting limbs, spines and heads that require extra monitoring and input. The team consists of Physios, Occupational Therapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and rehabilitation consultants.

To find out more, visit the Major Trauma Centre​ page.
Our Elective Orthopaedic ward is based on ward 112 – telephone 01782 676112​

This is managed by s​enior nurses and therapists to care for patients undergoing planned joint replacement surgery, specialist spinal surgery and a wide variety of orthopaedic day case procedures.

County Hospital

The Elective Orthopaedic Unit is led by ward manager Janice Wood – telephone 01785 230036. 

This is a purpose-built ward to provide care for patients undergoing hip and knee joint surgery and planned day case procedures.

The nursing and therapy team work closely together to provide speedy recovery from surgery.


The trauma and orthopaedic service takes an active part in research and development (R&D).

The R&D department develops opportunities to find innovative treatments and looks for ideas for new products or procedures to help further improve patient care.

We have a dedicated team of consultants, nurses and physiotherapists who help to develop, run and review trials to develop different and better care for patients with orthopaedic problems.

The Trauma and Orthopaedics trials team is primarily based in the Gait Lab, within the fracture clinic at Royal Stoke. Please telephone 01782 676532 if you have any queries.​

We also have close links with Keele primary care science musculoskeletal research centre, where the team work closely with Arthritis Research UK and local GPs to improve care of musculoskeletal conditions.

Examples of trials that we have been involved with at the hospital include:​

  • ​Fracture fixation ankle surgery use of tourniquet and early recovery
  • UK fixation of distal tibia fractures
  • Wound management of open lower limb fractures​


Some patient information can be found on our Orthopaedics page

Otherwise we have many patient information leaflets designed to better inform patients about the care that they will receive.

If you would like to receive a copy of a leaflet or if you have any feedback, please contact:

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)
Or telephone: 01782 676450

If the PALS officers are not available when you call, there is a answerphone service where you can leave a private message which is only available outside of normal working hours (after 4pm and on weekends and Bank Holidays). We will normally call you back the same or next working day.

Are you hard of hearing?

You can text PALS on 07432 169045



Karen Whitehurst - Matron
Tracy Stevenson, - Aspiring Matron
Mel Mountford, - Aspiring Matron and Ward Manager 225 (Fractured Neck of Femur)
Katei Shaw - Ward Manager 226 (General Trauma)
Becky Marsh - Ward Manager 227 (ARTU)
Lynn Bradshaw - Ward Manager 218 (elective orthopedics) 
Janice Wood - Ward Manager Elective Orthopaedic Unit County
Michele Whittingham - Manger of elective and fracture clinics at Stoke and County

Management team 

Directorate office: 01782 679934

Claire Powell, - Directorate Manager Trauma and Orthopaedics
Ellie Fairhead, - Directorate Manager Major Trauma
Karen Whitehurst - Matron
Rachel Lancaster, - Directorate Secretary
Suzy Hurst, - Directorate Secretary
Doug Mobley, - Data Analyst
Laura Lyth, - Business Support Manager
Pauline Insley, - Business Support Manager
Stacy Harp, - Operational Services Manager
Karen Pinnington, - Operational Services Manager
Debra Leigh, - Operational Services Manager
Natalie Lunt, - Rota Co-Ordinator 
Olivia Fanthorpe, - assistant Rota Co-Ordinator ​





Mr Amit Patel Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Bish Youssef Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr David Griffiths Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Ian Dos Remedios Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Justin Lim Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Kosar Qureshi Arthroplasty
Mr Omar Halabi Arthroplasty
Mr Phil Roberts Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Phil Shaylor Arthroplasty
Mr Roger Wade Arthroplasty/trauma
Mr Simon Collier Arthroplasty
Mr Sabur Malek Arthroplasty
Mr Sajjad Ansari Arthroplasty
Mr Ash Ali Foot and ankle/trauma
Mr Al Mountain Foot and ankle/trauma
Mr Donald McBride Foot and ankle
Mr Rob Rees Foot and ankle/trauma
Mr Ishan Bhoora Hands
Mr Kevin Smith Hands/trauma
Mr Nick Neal Hands/trauma
Prof. Peter Thomas Hands/trauma
Mr David Emery Paediatrics/trauma
Ms Emma Shears Paediatrics/trauma
Mr Jon Dwyer Paediatrics/trauma
Ms Belen Carsi​ Paediatrics/trauma
Mr D McClelland Shoulders/trauma
Mr Dodenhof Shoulders
Mr Saurabh Mehta Shoulders/trauma
Mr Vinod Kathuria Shoulders
Mr El-Nasri Ahmed Spines/trauma
Mr Kostas Starantzis Spines/trauma
Mr Mark Brown Spines/trauma
Mr Nick Rouholamin Spines/trauma
Mr Sandeep Konduru Spines/trauma
Mr Vinay Jasani Spines/trauma
Mr Abdul Gaffar Dudhniwala Spines
Mjr Stuart Harrisson Neurosurgery/Spines
Mr Nick Tzerakis Neurosurgery/Spines
Mr Iain McFadyen​ Trauma​