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Interview Invites
If your application form is successful, you'll be invited to interview via an email from Trac.
Your interview invite email will include a link for you to book at a suitable time. Please keep an eye on your e-mails as you will receive instructions within the email on how to book. An interview is only confirmed once you have booked your time slot. 

An interview reminder will be sent to you a day before your interview date.
We use a variety of selection methods to help us choose the right person for the role. Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be required to undertake other forms of assessment as part of the selection process, such as presentations or a written exercise.

Interview Preparation 
It may sound obvious but thorough preparation will ensure you are ready for the interview: 
Revisit your application, the Job Description and Person Specification and think about familiarising yourself with our Trust here before the interview. 

Prepare your own questions 
All candidates will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the interview. Asking questions will show you are serious about the interview and provide you with the opportunity to understand important information about the role and department and whether you will be a good fit. 

Getting to your interview 
Plan your journey in advance and where possible do a practice run so you are familiar with the route and arrive in plenty of time. If you are travelling by car, have you considered car parking or if you are travelling by bus, have you considered bus times? For a map of both Royal Stoke and our County Sites visit our website here

During the interview 
There are several things you can do during the interview to increase your chance of success. 
•  Make eye contact with the panel, take a deep breath, and stay calm. Nerves are very common, and the interviewers will be aware of this but try to keep the nerves at bay. 
•  Be clear and concise when answering the questions and give examples from your own experience that relate to the question. 
•  Dress appropriately, your outfit choice should be appropriate for the role you are applying for but also comfortable. Make sure you are clean and presentable, even if on a video call. 
•  Remember, the most important part of an interview is to sell yourself, and to show why you are right for the job, allow the interviewers to see the real you. 

After the Interview
The hiring manager will contact you within a few days of your interview to notify you of the outcome, the waiting is not easy, but some roles will require interviews across several days and the hiring managers need to ensure all shortlisted candidates are given a fair chance. 

The hiring manager will contact all the candidate regardless, and any unsuccessful candidates will receive a confirmation email and appropriate contact information should you require more detailed feedback. 

Successful candidates will receive a conditional offer of employment. The conditional offer letter will confirm the details of your new role and will outline the next steps in the recruitment process.